About the palace - State Institution «Palace of the Republic»

The Big Hall is the main attraction of the Palace. Designed for 2700 seats, it is designed on several levels: parterre, amphitheatre, balcony, six side boxes and two government boxes. It is equipped with a cinema complex, which also makes it possible to hold film festivals there.


About the palace

The main objectives and subject of the activities of the Palace of the Republic in accordance with the Charter are:

  • holding state socio-political, cultural and entertainment events, promotion of national Belarusian culture, organization of joint programs and events with CIS and far abroad countries;
  • organization and holding of press conferences, business meetings, briefings and other events with the participation of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Council of Ministers, heads of republican government bodies;
  • holding special events (symposiums, congresses, etc.), highly artistic concert programs, festivals, decades, competitions in their own halls;
  • carrying out various activities to ensure the leisure of citizens, organizing creative exhibitions, presentations;
  • organization of creative interaction with concert organizations of the Republic of Belarus, CIS and other countries;
  • ensuring a high level of creative and production activity and social development of the Institution with rational expenditure of labor, material and financial resources;
  • implementation of business activity, the income from which is directed to the implementation of the main objectives of the Institution.

  • 3 HALLS


The Palace of the Republic provides the following types of services:

  • holding state socio-political and special events (congresses, meetings, conferences, etc.);
  • organization and holding of cultural and entertainment events (concerts, performances, business meetings, professional holidays, etc.) in the halls of the Palace of the Republic and other concert venues;
  • organization and holding of corporate events;
  • leasing of property (non-residential premises in the building of the Palace of the Republic, modern various lighting, sound engineering and other equipment), provision of highly qualified services for its maintenance;
  • provision of catering services;
  • holding buffets, weddings, anniversaries and other events;
  • preparation of banquet dishes to order with the possibility of their delivery;
  • excursions;
  • photosessions in the interiors of the Palace of the Republic;
  • parking services;
  • sale of tickets for cultural and entertainment events through the ticket office of the Palace of the Republic for legal entities and individuals.

The building of the Palace of the Republic, equipped with the newest unique equipment, equipment, systems, houses:

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