Reception hall - State Institution «Palace of the Republic»
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Reception hall

Reception Hall is located on the level of galleries of the Big hall and allows to seat up to 1000 people. This hall has a panoramic view of the city. From a modern building of glass and concrete we get to another epoch – to the very heart of Minsk – the Upper City.

The Reception Hall may be used autonomously for carrying out different events. A separate entrance with a spacious lounge, cloakroom and elevators allows holding events in the hall simultaneously with other events in Palace of the Republic.

Here take place receptions, banquets, drink receptions, New Year’s celebrations, graduation balls and festive evenings.

It has become a tradition to hold here receptions in the name of the President of the Republic of Belarus, in which take part representatives of women’s community, with winners of academic Olympiads, receptions in honor of the Independence Day and other state holidays and anniversaries.

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