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Rules for visiting the Palace of the Republic

Dear visitors!

1. Pay your attention to the fact that, being in the Palace of the Republic (hereinafter – the “Palace”), you agree to comply with the following rules:

1.1. the admission ticket to the event is valid for one person regardless of age, unless otherwise provided by the organizer of the event;

1.2. the admission of viewers to the Palace begins 1 (one) hour before the start of the event indicated on the ticket, unless otherwise provided by the organizer of the event;

1.3. when purchasing a ticket and attending the event, it is necessary to pay attention to the age limit established by the organizer, in accordance with which, the admission of persons to the event is allowed;

1.4. in order to ensure safety, admission to the Palace is carried out through the control line equipped with stationary and manual metal detectors, in order to identify objects prohibited for bringing into the building. Persons with pacemakers and other medical devices, when approaching the control line, are required to inform the controller about this. To the viewers with limited mobility is applied control of a manual metal detector;

1.5. while being in the Palace, viewers must carefully refer to property, comply with these rules, public order and fire safety rules, also, visitors bear personal liability for damage to property, including equipment, interior and decoration, security systems, entrance group, room cash desks, etc.;

1.6. take a seat in the auditorium according to the ticket or in agreement with the Palace employee;

1.7. save the entrance ticket until the end of the event and show at the Palace employee’s request;

1.8. mobile phones and security alarms must be turned off or switched to silent mode during the event;

1.9. if a viewer attends an event with children (a child), it is necessary to independently ensure that they do not interfere with other viewers;

1.10. in case the viewer had lost any things, the viewer must contact the administrator on duty by phone: +375 (17) 229-92-87, +375 (17) 229-90-43, +375 (17) 229-92-84, +375 (17) 229-92-88;

1.11. comply with the lawful demands of the Palace staff, law enforcement and Palace security personnel;

1.12. when receiving information about the evacuation, act in accordance with the instructions of the Palace staff, the Palace security personnel and law enforcement officers, remain calm and not create panic. It is necessary to leave the premises through the emergency exits, indicated by luminous displays;

1.13. immediately inform the Palace staff about all cases of detection of suspicious objects and things, conflict situations, fights, about all cases of smoke or fire, as well as other emergencies;

1.14. hand over outerwear to the cloackroom. A visitor who had lost a cloackroom number receives his/her outerwear handed over to the cloakroom after the giving out of all outerwear according to the numbers, in the presence of the Palace employees, provided that the description of the clothes handed over to the cloakroom and the item left in the cloakroom match. After the end of the event, the cloakroom is open for 60 minutes. 


2.1. smoke cigars, cigarillos, cigarettes, tobacco or use electronic cigarettes, vapes, iqos, glo or other nicotine-containing products in the premises of the Palace and in non-smoking areas;

2.2. enter the Palace with animals (except for a muzzled guide dog);

2.3. enter the Palace in an alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, in dirty and soiling clothes, as well as with clearly expressed aggressive behavior;

2.4. bring into the Palace any types of weapons (firearms, cold steel, gas weapon, etc.), ammunition, their imitators and dummies, special means (gas cartridges, electric shock devices, spark gaps, etc.), flammable substances and pyrotechnics, and also specially made or adapted items, the use of which may pose a threat to the life and health of citizens or cause material damage to citizens and organizations;

2.5. enter the auditoriums in outer clothing or carry it into the auditorium;

2.6. bring into the auditorium large-sized objects, sports equipment, flags and flagpoles, balloons and/or figures inflated with helium or other gases, any devices that have laser radiation, as well as other things and objects that interfere with visitors and artists;

2.7. implement propaganda of war, extremist activities, violence, cruelty and pornography, including using posters, banners and other means, perform actions (shouting, demonstrating signs and / or symbols, etc.) aimed at inciting enmity / hatred on the grounds of social , racial, national, linguistic, religious affiliation, etc., as well as political orientation, including propaganda materials of an extremist nature, Nazi symbols in any form and other materials, pose a threat to public safety, life and health of citizens;

2.8. use flags, pennants that are not registered in the prescribed order, as well as emblems, symbols, posters and banners, the content of which is aimed at causing damage to public order, the rights and legitimate interests of citizens;

2.9. pick up, open, move suspicious objects. If they are found, the viewer must immediately inform any representative of the Palace;

2.10. prevent other viewers from watching or participating in the event;

2.11. leave minor children unattended;

2.12. bring into the territory of the Palace alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food purchased outside the Palace;

2.13. throw any objects on the stage, as well as perform other actions that violate the order of the event, including: provoke a “slam” and create a “wave”, push other visitors, run, sit and lie on the floor, sit on each other’s shoulders, put personal things on the floor, get naked and take off shoes;

2.14. shout and do other actions that degrade human dignity or offend the human morality of any participant or visitor of the event, and / or threaten public safety;

2.15. leave bags, backpacks, wallets, phones and other personal items unattended;

2.16. touch forgotten things. If they are found, it is necessary to immediately inform the employees of the Palace;

2.17. climb without the permission of the Palace staff on the stage, use emergency exits for no reason, pass beyond the established fences, enter the service and technical premises of the Palace, the dressing rooms of artists, other areas and premises closed to viewers;

2.18. carry out trade, write anything on the walls, stick ads, posters without written permission from the administration of the Palace.

Viewers who violate the above rules must leave the Palace, and the ticket price will not be reimbursed to the viewer.

3. Other conditions.

3.1. all viewers are informed that video observation is implemented on the territory of the Palace and around its perimeter;

3.2. by purchasing an entrance ticket and attending the event, the visitor expressly agrees to participate in a possible photo/video shooting, TV/radio broadcast of the event, and allows the Palace to use photo/video/audio recordings with the participation of the viewer for advertising purposes (free of charge). The viewer agrees that any recording with his participation, made as part of the application of measures to ensure general and anti-terrorist security, can be used to prevent offenses or transferred to law enforcement agencies for use in the course of legal proceedings in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;

3.3. attending the event, the visitor assumes full responsibility for his health and the health of his minor children attending the event;

3.4. the Palace is not responsible for injuries, deterioration in health and accidents associated with the violation of these Rules, failure to comply with precautionary and safety measures;

3.5. the viewer is obliged to inform the employees of the Palace about the loss of a thing immediately upon finding out of such a loss;

3.6. if the found lost thing does not pose a threat, the Palace employee conducts an inventory of the thing and leaves it for temporary storage for a period not exceeding 6 months. Found foodstuffs are disposed of within 24 hours in accordance with the procedure established by law. In order to receive a forgotten item, the Visitor must describe in detail in the application the forgotten item, the date and time of its loss, and other relevant circumstances. The found lost thing is transferred to the viewer upon confirmation by the viewer of the fact that this thing belongs to him and after the signing by the viewer and the administration of the Palace of the act of acceptance and transfer of the lost thing;

3.7. if the organizer is another legal entity, the Palace is not responsible for the non-compliance of the event with the viewer’s expectations and / or his subjective assessment. For all claims regarding the quality of the service for showing the event, refunding money for a ticket, etc. the organizer of the respective event is fully responsible.

ATTENTION! In accordance with Article 30-1 of the Law from 31.05.2003 № 200-З “On the Fundamentals of the System for the Prevention of Neglect and Juvenile Delinquency” dated May 18, 2022, it is not allowed for minors under the age of 16 to stay at night from 23:00 to 06:00, unaccompanied by parents (persons replacing them), or persons carrying out activities with the participation of minors, in public places, including at the facilities (on the territory, on the premises) of legal entities that are intended for entertainment, leisure, where, in accordance with the procedure established by law, the retail sale of alcoholic products, beer and drinks made on its basis is provided.

ATTENTION! Each barcode placed on the ticket is individual. Do not copy, scan, photograph or post a photo/scan of your ticket on the Internet. Remember that scammers can use your barcode! The risk of non-attendance due to copying by another person of the barcode placed on the ticket lies with the viewer.

ATTENTION! The Palace of the Republic is not responsible for valuables deposited in the cloakroom.

For all claims regarding the quality of the service for showing a concert program (performance, etc.), refunding money for a ticket, etc., the organizer of the corresponding event is fully responsible.

Events are held in the Palace of the Republic, the organizer of which can be both the Palace of the Republic and other legal entities that have the right to organize events.

In all other respects that are not provided for by these Rules, the visitor is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.